The VET range at a glance:

Over 50 years expertise as a manufacturer

1. Unique & flexible sales system

Attractive commission model for every practise – with or without storage capacity

Three simple sales systems: 1. Stockist 2. Drop ship 3. Commission model

2. Free samples available

We know how important samples are as an acceptance check, so we will provide you with plenty.

Free Vet Samples available
Once a registered Vet, you are entitled to FREE samples for you and your clients.

3. The VET portal

An easy way to organise the most important things online, such as orders, commissions and customers.

Sign in and manage your account easily onlineOn our VET portal you will be able to manage; Orders, Promotional Items and Information materials.

4. Returns

In the event that you purchase more of our VET  products than you need, then simply contact your local sales advisor. We will be please to help you.

Vet Service Team
Your VET service team – 03300 538 288 –

Our unique and flexible sales system

How it works;

A) Conventional business model

  • You order, pay for and sell our products in your practice.
  • You receive our environmentally-friendly invoice by e-mail.

B) Combination model / drop shipment

  • The patient’s owner regularly orders and pays for the products online.
  • You place the order at the vet price and specify the patients owner’s delivery address.
  • The products are sent by DPD directly to the specified delivery address – without an invoice in the box.
  • You receive our environmentally-friendly invoice by e-mail.

C) Commission model

  • Every Vet will receive a unique code assigned to their practise.
  • Only your codes will entitle the pet owner to order the dietary foods from the our online shop.
  • You will receive a commission on the first order and a commission on every future order. Including non VET products.
  • On the 10th of each month, you will receive a list of sales from the previous month assigned to you and the commission will be transferred to your bank account or you can use it against a future invoice.


Our VET dietary products are only available from the vet practise or from our online shop. No wholesaler or online aggregator .

Free sample packs available

Acceptance check

We know how important samples are as an acceptance check, so we will provide you with samples of all the varieties of our dry food.

Free Vet Samples available

Ordering sample packs

You can regularly order sample packs of both our VET dietary products and the conventional dog and cat products on a quarterly basis.

Getting in touch

If you need more sample than this, please get in touch with your personal sales contact or email us at

Simple online organisation: the VET portal

Manage orders easily online

For orders & information

Our VET portal is not only used to order products. You can also use it to request promotional products or information materials.

Working with us to benefit your clients

Teamwork is important to us

You will not be able to order the VET dietary foods until you become a contractual vet partner. We feel it is important to acknowledge the advisory services you provide in your daily work in this way and support you as well as we can in terms of dietary and nutritional advice.

Activate your account

Verification & activating your practice

To allow us to guarantee that our VET dietary foods remain exclusive to veterinarians, your practise will not be activated until it is fully registered with us.

Register now!

Register online here or we can manually register you.

Show your interest here:       or 03300 538 288

We are there for you.

A real help: the food diary


Comprehensive documentation is an important part of any diet plan. We make it easy for you and the pet owner. Our food diary contains pre-printed tables for all the important data. These are easy to complete!


The patient’s owner is your most important assistant – and the food diary is a great help to increasing compliance: It reminds them of their role in the task and clearly sets out topics such as food consumption, changes in symptoms and weight and water consumption.

We provide you with diet cards for your clients

Everything at a glance: the diet cards

Diet cards

To match the food diary to the specific application, simply place the corresponding diet card in the food diary or give it with the diary. The diet cards contain a brief overview of the VET diet concerned, listing the key functions, providing notes and tips, a feedings guide table and composition of the dry and moist food.

Practical display stand

All the diet cards are easily accessible in our space-saving card display. You can use the display with or without the topper attached. The choice is yours.

Display stand

Talk to us

Our contacts

Perhaps you would prefer to discuss things directly. We will be pleased to help. You can contact our veterinary service team on:

Telephone: 03300 538 288


Meet the team!

Meat the VET service team

The VET Service Team from left to right;

Kathrin Strahler (veterinary nurse), Viviane Ulrich (veterinarian), Andrea Göbel (veterinarian), Rebekka Schneider (veterinarian), Tanja Köhler (veterinary nurse) Sandra Gotin (veterinary nurse).